Roll Up Blanket Chair Gets Extra Cozy If You Can Figure Out How To Use It

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Design is often described as a perfect balance of form and function, but sometimes the former can outweigh the latter. In chair mode, the Collerette has a built-in rolled up blanket forming its arms and backrest. But how exactly you use it when the blanket is unfurled isn't immediately obvious.

The blanket is padded with polyurethane foam so it will most definitely keep you warm, but it seems you can't take advantage of the extra cover while still sitting on the chair. At least you can't without looking absolutely asinine. Instead, when the blanket is unrolled, the Collerette is supposed to be used a footrest, letting you pull the blanket up onto your lap while you crash on a couch. Stylish, unique, and completely ridiculous, exactly what designer furniture should be.


[Les M Design Studio via designboom]