An Enormous, Stupid, Shameless Internet Ripoff

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Spotify sure stole a pretty good amount of's thunder—up until that point, the trendy music site of the moment. So maybe there was room for further competition? Sure! How about an absolute knockoff of Turntable? Not really., created by a former Google software engineer, shares more than just a URL suffix. The service copies everything about Turntable. The DJ slots. The rating system. The Facebook login. The head-bobbing avatars. There is nothing, nothing added. Oh, wait, sorry—you can buy jewelry for your virtual club-goer, using the exact same earning mechanism as Turntable.


Rooms in Rolling are organized by universities for some reason. I defaulted to the University of Kentucky's room (Go Wildcats!), whereupon someone commented that the soundtrack reminded them of Abercrombie and Fitch, and then someone named AlexSongzz stated, simply, ""

Then someone played a Madlib song, prompting TanjaleahSutterfield to rejoice, "ahh i love fleetwood mac!"

So, Rolling might have everything Turntable has, other than the informed, cool community of users. [ via Underwire]

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Where are the black "people"? We like to party too!