RooKaps Replace Your Army of USB Drives' Lost Heads

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I love useful useless pieces of plastic. RooKaps are just such micro-wonders that come in a rainbow of colors. They're just replacement caps for USB drives, but the small city of headless drives I have wandering around my desk make them oddly compelling. Not so compelling is the price, though, with clear ones running $16 for 12, and the colored ones hitting $16.29 for ten. I mean, they're little pieces of plastic, they're not worth a whole dollar each. Oh, and I'm not sure who "asked" for the $3.99 ones with matching lanyards, but I'm pretty sure they fail at life. [RooKaps via Everything USB]


Brian Sexton

Perhaps the high prices are for people who like to waste money and purposely buy USB drives that are stupidly designed with lanyards attached to caps rather than the actual drive part that needs to not fall away and get lost. Or perhaps the caps with lanyards are so you can save the trouble of that happening: you just start out with the drive already missing.