Last week we saw a neat concept for a wall that employed spinning triangular panels to change its appearance. Hungarian designer István Kulinyi's Mobil Pixel Lamp employs the same general idea, except it's a lamp. And it's real.


Inspired by the pixels you're looking at right now, Kulinyi's lamp comprises a five by five grid of triangular panels framed by black bars on the top and bottom. Each panel has a side that glows red, a side that glows white, and one that is solid black, allowing for 847,288,609,443 different combinations. That should keep you busy for a while.

Though Kulinyi seems to have put together a working model of the Mobil Pixel, as of now there isn't any information on its future as a manufactured product. Hopefully some enterprising company will snap this design up soon; with almost a trillion different looks, it's bound to have something for everyone. [István Kulinyi via designboom via Unplggd]