Dear Charlie, Louis, Wilson, Travis, et al.,

I love Fridays. Don't you? Here are some other things that excite me.

Non-pink gadgets.
Top Shop socks.
Thinking up new objects to get Jason to stick down his pants.
Two dozen oysters with my name on them.
Looking under the hood of an XBox 360 Elite.
Cameo's Shake Your Pants playing and an Addy-sized space on the dancefloor.
A well-earned Caipirinha in the garden.
Watching my man expertly vacuum the bedroom in his leopard-skin shorts.
A beach, a bikini, SPF 15 and a good book.
Getting lost in the car because I left the Sat-Nav on the kitchen table but not caring because Cameo's "Shake Your Pants" is on the stereo.


Have a great weekend. And for those of you who care, you can see Larry Blackmon and the boys Shake Their Pants after the break. It's spangly-spandex-tastic.