Rubbernecking motorists enraptured by Russian crop circles

Crop circles recently appeared in a wheat field near the village of Znamensky outside of Krasnodar, Russia. These circles have captured the imaginations of motorists, bedazzled by visions of a spacefaring race that has zero respect for a staple crop.


Here's an amusingly garbled description of the incident from Real UFOs:

According to a special correspondent Olga NTC Music in this figure by even the most inveterate skeptics doubt is that this man could do. Spikes are not broken, and neatly stacked flat waves, and in different directions, and in the middle of the figures by small islands. Spikes like a dense carpet hung over the land. Even if we try to put them both manually, it will not work. Yes and how many need to paint the whole field. Typically, the drawings in the field in the form of clear geometric shapes.

And here's another video of the circles. I love how the music gets super-emotional as the phrase PLANT: Wheat ethereally flits onscreen.



*tilts head* Looks kinda like a canyon or something.