Ruin Diamonds By Nano-etching Your Ugly Mug Into Them

Illustration for article titled Ruin Diamonds By Nano-etching Your Ugly Mug Into Them

Have the urge to really ruin the resale value of a diamond? Here's one way—permanently embed a hi-res grayscale photograph of yourself in it.


A company called DiamondPure takes any photograph you want and then, using a "revolutionary" nano-photograph process, etches the visage into any size diamond you want. Though they're normally invisible, you can view them using GemmaView, a proprietary portable viewing device.

Cute, right? Yeah, not so cute when the recession forces you to take that gem to the pawn shop and the guy gives your rock a one over only to chortle and maybe make some joke about you being better looking in real life before throwing it back in your face. [Born Rich]


I personally am waiting for them to perfect the 2+ carat synthetic diamond. The future Mrs. GitEmSteveDave has a ~2 carat marquise in a Ti setting in exchange for agreeing to put up with my stupid ass.