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Rumor: $198 Toshiba HD DVD Player Coming to Wal-Mart

Illustration for article titled Rumor: $198 Toshiba HD DVD Player Coming to Wal-Mart

There's nothing concrete about this, but a Wal-Mart employee claims that he saw a Toshiba UPC in their system labeled "Toshiba HDA2-W" priced at $198. This could be the mythical sub-$200 HD DVD player Wal-Mart's been waiting for, having previously declined selling the Venturer $199 HD DVD player due to Venturer being a tier two player.


Having Toshiba back a cheap player would be better for Wal-Mart, seeing as Venturer outsources their tech support and may not be equipped to handle the support needs for a relatively new (and possibly frequently-updated) format like HD DVD.


Even though Toshiba's been hitting near the $200 point with big bargains and HD DVD giveaways, a player you can actually pick up for that much will be a big boost this holiday season. And if Toshiba can get players into people's houses—think the PlayStation 3 approach to Trojan horsing Blu-ray in—movies are sure to follow. [High Def Forum via PC World]

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@jrubzer: I think you mean RETARDED consumers could care less about the details. No one buying into the HD disc market at this point is your typical trailer trash consumer, something like a 'simpler name' is hardly going to have an effect. Personally I think if it has an effect at all, it would be the opposite, sine Blu-ray sounds like 'new' technology, and HD-DVD sounds like the same old tech. For early adopters having the shiniest new tech on the block absolutely does matter. That's why they're going after the high end crowd, and it works well in asian countries.

It makes sense to go after the lower end crowd, but putting Blu-ray in a video game console has already given Sony a huge amount of penetration into that demographic. HD-DVD needs to first lower their movie prices, and then try to deliver a quality low end model. As is, just having a low end model might not do much for them. If people are going to take the plunge into HD-DVD or Blu-Ray standalone players, they're going to want it to be as risk free as possible, since the ware is still raging, and people just tend to trust more expensive things, thinking they're getting higher quality.