Rumor: 27-inch iMac Production Halted Due to Display Issues

Apple has already put a 3-week delay on all of its 27-inch iMac shipments because of the manifold issues with its display. Now Hardmac is reporting they've stopped all assembly lines until a fix is found.


It's an anonymous source that has yet to be substantiated, but it makes some sense given the depths of problems Apple has had with the 27-inch iMacs, including a flickering and yellow-tinted screen. There's no point in continuing to manufacture a product that you know is faulty, especially if the eventual fix could potentially involve a recall. [Hardmac via AppleInsider]



Hm, I was under the impression that all Apple components were produced in house by magical gnomes.

Maybe one the gnomes got sick and spewed magical vomit on all of the magical displays?