Businessweek claims two sources told them Apple will have 3 million iPhones ready for the launch on June 29. This is an absurdly high number. For comparison, Nintendo's Wii had 1 Million units. The PS3? 400,000. Xbox 360? Around 300,000. So Apple's going to have about twice as much as all of them put together? Amazing. And probably unlikely.


Here are some more unlikely numbers.

Analyst Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray projects that Apple will sell 40 million iPhones in 2009. (A similar article on actually claims that he says 45 million iPhones in 2009.) Plus, other analysts are saying 3 million iPhones in 2007 and 10 to 12 million in 2008.

To put all this guesswork into perspective, it helps to know that Apple doesn't give any extra access to analysts. Which means they're pretty much in the same boat the rest of us are when it comes to predictions.

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Analyst predits 45m iPhone sales by 2009 [Macnn]


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