Rumor: Blockbuster Filing for Bankruptcy Next Month

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The much-documented decline of Blockbuster is drawing to a halt earlier than expected, with key people involved in the movie business touting a bankruptcy notice for the big blue just next month.


Supposedly meetings were held last week with six of the big movie studios, with Blockbuster alerting them to their soon-to-be bankruptcy move due in the middle of September.

Of course, filing for bankruptcy doesn't necessarily mean they're closing shop for good. Instead, they are expected to close 500 of its 3,425 stores across the States, joining the 1,000 they shuttered in the last year.

What's Blockbuster's next move? Why, continuing their assault on the already-crowded mail-order rentals and presumably, digital rentals market. Not to mention those SD card rental kiosks. [LA Times]


Dj Orphic

This makes sense.

Every time I have gone to my local store in the past 8 years (which is only 5-6 times) they have never had what I wanted to watch and I always had to compromise.

With Netflix I just go online, select what I want and wait for it to come in the mail plus I get streaming.

Even if Blockbuster goes the digital route I don't see them as competing on the same level as Netflix but I could be wrong.

Has anyone here used the Blockbuster service?

If so, what do you think makes it better than Netflix?

I am just curious.