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Hahahaha! Blockbuster Renting Movies on SD Cards! Hahahahaha! From Kiosks!

Illustration for article titled Hahahaha! Blockbuster Renting Movies on SD Cards! Hahahahaha! From Kiosks!

Oh, I hope whatever exec came up with this idea scores a huge bonus. Blockbuster is piloting a new program that will load a DRM'd movie rentals onto an SD card from a kiosk. The future!


So say you're at the airport. You want to rent, I dunno, some movie that wasn't good enough to see in the theater. You just format a spare SD card filled with vacation photos you'd forgotten to back up (it doesn't appear they give you a card, but I could be mistaken), pop it in the machine, select a movie, pay $4 or so, and then have the film loaded on your card, a la ticking time bomb, with DRM.

And what can't you do with an SD card? I mean, it plays in my iPhone...wait...I mean my Blackberry...wait...


Mini SD and Micro SD—those are the cards that most of our mobile devices will take (if they take any at all)! In case no one told you, Blockbuster, we can't play this shit back on our digital cameras.

(Granted, netbook owners and some laptop owners will be able to utilize the standard.)

Ah Blockbuster, you've arrived just in time to ignore the growing popularity of iTunes/Zune Marketplace syncing, 3G streaming and in-flight Wi-Fi all while offering your service on a medium less convenient than DVD. But don't worry, I'm not angry. You're just hurting yourself. [Fast Company]

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I dunno Mark. Save for most previous gen Macs, laptops far and wide have been using built-in SD card readers for quite some time, and in an airport setting, I'm willing to bet that more people would be more inclined to use their laptops to watch movies than they are with their handhelds.

Also, streaming internet at the terminal or airline itself is not that fantastic. Speeds vary and choke every now and then, so even watching a 20 minute episode on Hulu can have its share of hiccups, or at least this was my experience when flying Virgin America, and this is provided your flight of choice offers the service at all. Also, this can be helpful if you want to save battery life to watch a movie with the wifi off.

That said, I don't think it would really succeed, mainly because I just don't see people toting their SD cards to rent movies from kiosks from Blockbuster.