Rumor: Both Facebook and Google Vying to Buy Skype?

Skype's doing well for itself if they sold themselves in 2005 to eBay for $2.6bn, which then sold 65 per cent of it off for $1.9bn. Now, both Facebook and Google are rumored to be eyeing up Skype separately, according to Reuters.

I can understand why Facebook might want a stab at Skype—after all, they've already jumped into bed together by implementing VoIP between Facebook contacts—but Google? When they already have the successful Google Voice? People are saying the Skype sale could go for $3bn - $4bn, though a Skype IPO is planned for later this year. [Reuters]



Skype is available worldwide. But Google Voice is available only in the US. If Google bought Skype, however, that could change.