Rumor: Ebooks for Apple Tablet, From Harper Collins

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According to the WSJ, HarperCollins Publishers is in talks with Apple about providing ebooks for Apple's tablet. It's speculated that ebook markets such as Amazon's would seriously suffer if such an arrangement were finalized.


Based on explanations by Brian Murray, the chief executive of HarperCollins, the reason Amazon would initially have something to fear is that "e-books enhanced with video, author interviews and social-networking applications could command higher retail prices for publishers than current e-books" in the future. Apple's tablet would, of course, be ideal for such enhanced content, and we already know that they'll be digging for mags, newspapers and college textbooks but this is some of the first we've heard of Apple negotiating with publishers for regular e books.

Ah, I suppose we'll be able to speculate some more on January 27th, in the meantime—on the tablet or not—"enhanced ebooks" sound like a blast. Just imagine how often you'll say that something was way better with the author commentary. [WSJ]



Let's not forget that Amazon isn't married to the Kindle, and you can already read Kindle books on the iPhone, PC and Mac. This won't hurt Amazon at all, they'll just add that functionality to their existing format.

And really, for the Mac tablet to work well as an e-reader would require some sort of e-ink screen, which there hasn't been any rumors of (on this rumored device) yet.