Rumor: EMI's DRM-Free Tracks Hitting iTunes This Week

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Electronista is reporting that "according to French sources familiar with negotiations for multiple online music stores," Apple is set to drop EMI's DRM-free catalog onto iTunes this week. Techs are entering the last stages of encoding and prepping the files to go live.


While previous statements seemed to indicate a gradual release starting this month, the kinda-but-not-really late release is in part due to a desire to dump the whole catalog at once.

Also partly to blame is EMI's recent wheelings and dealings with Amazon, which may have kept Apple and EMI from finalizing their deal until last week. In sum, keep your eyes open but hopes only moderately skyward on Tuesday. They'll get there eventually.

DRM-free iTunes set this week? [Electronista]



matt buchanan

May wasn't pulled out of thin air.

From our chat with an EMI exec linked to in the post: "Although Jobs says, 'We expect to offer more than half of the songs on iTunes in DRM-free versions by the end of this year.', EMI says the first of the new tracks will be on sale in May."