Rumor: Google Drive Will Play Nice WIth Third-Party Apps

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Google Drive—Google's rumored cloud storage service—is all but official, yet one question remains: how much freedom will we have with the space? If this alleged Google Drive code suggesting third-party apps will be allowed to access the storage is legit, it might be as open as we all hope.


According to the blog Google Operating System, the Google Docs source code has been making repeated references to Google Drive, and an SDK, and an "open with" command. And some marketing copy they found indicates that it will do away with Gmail attachments, much like Microsoft plans to do with SkyDrive.

There's also an interesting message that suggests Google Drive will integrate even more with Gmail: "Say goodbye [to] email attachments and hello to real time collaboration. Drag anything shared with you to My Drive for easy access."

Google Drive seems like it's shaping up to be something interesting, and for Android users, maybe even awesome. [Google Operating System]



Will be possible to use it as webhosting?