Rumor: Google Rolling Out "Google Me," Their Facebook Killer, Very Soon

Well this is kinda wacky. Citing a "very credible source," Digg founder Kevin Rose tweeted that Google is readying "Google Me," a social service intended to go toe-to-toe (face-to-face?) with Facebook. It's like Google stalking, but official, and thus marginally less creepy!

Google Buzz, their most recent foray into social networking, was not a resounding success (read: total privacy shitshow) and I imagine there's some lingering skepticism about Google's ability to actually keep all of its users information on lockdown.


Then again, they already know just about everything there is to know about you, so maybe it'd be easier to forget Facebook altogether and just click a button in Gmail that says, "Yes! Cull your extensive records to make a "Google Me" profile in my best image, selectively including the photographs and personal interests likeliest to get me laid." Kidding, kidding, I promise that's not what I'm all about. Seriously! Google me! [Kevin Rose via Runnin Scared and SF Weekly]


Why Google-Me is doomed already:

1) Way too many people already using it (over 400Million active users)

2) There are really nice apps for mobile phones (it would take awhile for Google-me to make decent apps)

3) Google already owns Buzz & Orkut and still suck!

4) People trust even Facebook more with their private data than google

5) Facebook is already reliable! There is no need for another social network :D