Rumor: MacBooks Updated With Built-In 3G and Pro Apps for WWDC

9to5's "favorite Apple source" says that WWDC will bring "minor" updates to the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines. The source mentioned speed bumps and "3G hardware built-in." I don't know about you, but 3G hardware built-in seems like a pretty big deal to me. The source also speculated with non-removable batteries for other laptops than the MacBook Pro 17.

Their source is also pointing at Final Cut Pro, Aperture, Logic, and Shake updates, but WWDC seems like a strange venue to announce these. Specially since—for past releases—these applications were announced separately, along with lower key niche industry events. [9to5]



Needs a title fixing

"Rumor: MacBooks Updated With Built-In 3G and Pro Apps for WWDC"

Perhaps "Rumor: MacBooks Updated With Built-In 3G, and Pro Apps udates for WWDC"

When I read it, almost made it sound like Pro Apps (Final Cut) where going to come with the price of a Mac