Rumor: New Dual-Touchscreen Nintendo DS in Early '09

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This is on the rumor-ier side, but Brian from Kotaku's man deep, deep in Japan has dropped him a tidbit about a new DS that might be in the works-one that bumps up screen sizes and finally replaces the top screen with a touch screen. The Nintendo DT, perhaps? Anyway, this certainly won't be hitting before Christmas, as Kotaku's source says "early next year" if true, which means a lot of DS-gifted kids' smiles may quickly turn to frowns in '09. It makes sense, given Nintendo's excitement-free showing at E3 this year, and how far touchscreen tech has come since the DS first hit, that something DS-related will be brewing for early 2009. [Kotaku]


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Dual touch screens is an interesting idea, but not really needed. Most my favorite DS games (with the exception of Warioware) don't use it much at all. I think touch screens are nice for inventory control so you can just touch what you want to use in a game, but that's really about it. I'd rather see Nintendo try a new idea all together, rather than just adding another touch screen.