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The Verge is reporting that Nokia is planning to launch a new proximity sensor to tie in with its Lumia range, which will combine NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 to track items from your phone. You may never lose your keys again.


According to "sources familiar with Nokia's plans", the so-called Treasure Tag will ship with a loop strap designed to fasten to your keys, or whatever. The idea is that a Lumia will be able to communicate with the thing via Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC, and help you track down whatever it's attached to when you misplace it—even showing its location on a (presumably highly localized) map, making use of Nokia's LiveSight augmented reality tech.

But here's the nifty bit: according to the sources, you'll be able to locate the phone that's paired to the sensor by holding down a button on the tag. That'll trigger a notification sound on the phone—if it's in range. Still, given the number of times most of us lose our phones around the home, that's pretty neat.


Apparently the device would be "always on", with a battery that should theoretically last for six months. Verge claims the Treasure Tag—the first Nokia accessory to use the Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0 feature—could arrive as early as in the next couple of weeks. Let's wait and see! [Verge]

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