Rumor: Nokia Working on Zune Marketplace Integration

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Zune Scene's been tipped off by a "well placed source" inside Microsoft that Nokia is working on integrating Zune Marketplace into its phones. What's the deal here? Would Microsoft take what they wanted to be a complete vertical solution—Zune player with Zune Marketplace with Zune software on the PC—and let other people get their hands on it? Perhaps. If the rumor is true, it could point to MS wanting to get as wide a footprint for their Zune platform as possible, even if it does mean integrating the ability to play/watch content on other devices. [Zune Scene]


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@Dunny0, Highlander with a Tuba: I was wondering if Microsoft would ever do this, but I just don't believe that'll ever happen now. Anyway, I'd much rather have a good UMS-supported device that can just use drag and drop. Sure, it's not as neatly packaged as iPods and Zunes when it comes to interfacing, but it's sure as hell more likely to dismount properly.