Rumor Overheard at GDC: Next-Gen Zune Available in August

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This is horribly irresponsible rumor-mongering, but we over heard this tidbit about the Zune over at GDC. Apparently, if the person was correct and our ears didn't fail us, the next-gen Zune will be available in August. Unfortunately for the first-gen Zune team, the next version will feature gaming, which is supposedly making them feel dejected over working on a product (1st gen) that will be "abandoned".


Couple that with this quote from the Zune Release manager over at Zuneinsider about Microsoft NOT abandoning the Zune, and you have a potentially juicy rumor.

And Now a Word from the Zune Release Manager [Zune Insider]



Wow, nothing like political bullshit on a gadget blog lol. Fackin' hippies, take a shower! :p

I read plenty of other rumors that said that the zune would get an update every year or so, not every few months. August is actually a lot closer than people think. a refresh would not only leave early adopters out in the cold completely (thanks Sarbanes Oxley!) but it would also mean that Microsoft flat out lied about not alienating early adopters. All of the big updates in a rev B model would not make it to the early zunes. if rev B comes to fruition this soon, prepare to be zuned,...i mean screwed.