Rumor: Samsung to Release a Full-Touch Android Handset by the Middle of Next Year

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According to the Korean news outlet ETNews, Samsung is working on a touchscreen Android phone, which will be sold in the US through Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile.

The phone is said to be similar to the Instinct and Omnia non-QWERTY handsets, which I'm pretty sure is ETNews' overspecific way of saying that it'll probably look like every other Samsung touchscreen phone because, well, it's a Samsung touchscreen phone. Details are slim, but this quote provides all the meat we need for now:

“We are accelerating the development process for Google phone in order to meet the specific need of local carriers.

We will be able to release Google phone in the second quarter of the next year in the US market.”


It's no longer news when a company is 'considering' Android—they all are. But release targets for a new phone, even vague ones, are like sweet gadget manna. [ETNews via ModMyGphone—Thanks, Neerhaj!]