Rumor Smashed: iPhone NOT slippery

This story, tearing up the Digg circuit, says the iPhone's "Main Problem" is that it is too slippery to hold. I have held it. It is not a greased pig; it is not a Hawaiian Tropic Model dripping with suntan lotion; it is not a crankcase bearing dipped in 10w40 synthetic Mobile One oil. It is not anymore slippery than an iPod. End of story.

Apple iPhone's Slippery Secret [Apple 2.0]


Oh yeah? Well...

Your iPhone is so slippery, yo' mama used it last night to top off her bottle of astroglide.

Your iPhone is so slippery, Bill Clinton called and said even he don't trust it.

Your iPhone is so slippery, dumbass rednecks done up and quit sayin' "slicker'n pig snot" cause it don't mean nuthin' now.