Rumor: Sony to Call its Motion Controller Arc?

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Sony's hard at work on its new motion controller for the PS3, and a new report claims that it'll be called Arc. Arc vs Natal! Get excited! [VG247 via Electronista]

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Microsoft and Sony make me laugh with their motion control toys. They are so late to the party they may as well give up on it altogether. Nintendo went one route, MS and Sony went the other. It seems that Nintendo chose the better way. It's been practically impossible to buy a Wii or Wii Fit anywhere around here for the last tree months, while the stores are full of PS3s and Xbox 360s. Although, granted, there a lot more 360s than PS3s in stock.

Trying to hop on the millions of accessories and motion bandwagon will do very little for either Microsoft or Sony, no matter what names they give to the new toys. I can't imagine that the sales will come anywhere near justifying the R&D cost. Besides, why would game studios write games for the PS3 Arc or Xbox Natal that have hardly any market penetration when they can write said game for the Wii that is in every home. Judging from this last holiday season, many people are getting a second one...