Russian Chat Bot Talks the Sexy Talk, Scores Chicks for You

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A Russian website will soon offer CyberLover, a program that simulates chatroom flirting. The stated purpose is for nerds with no skillz, who can use it to talk to "up to 10 women at one time" and score some digits. Says the site: "Not a single girl has yet realized that she was communicating with a program!" It also said that the program could perform virtual sex online. Sure, it's all fun and games—until someone loses a credit card number, says an Australian anti-virus software developer PC Tools.

The program could become the Don to your lonely Juan: Once it chats up the ladies (or supposed ladies, or supposed human non-chatbots), it hands them off to you: "Within half an hour the CyberLover program will introduce you to ... girls, exchange photos and perhaps even a contact phone number."

But Sergei Shevchenko, a malware analyst at PC Tools, says: "As a tool that can be used by hackers to conduct identity fraud, CyberLover demonstrates an unprecedented level of social engineering."


Is that an endorsement or a condemnation? Either way it proves my point about y'all going around visiting .ru sites. It's only available in Russian, where it takes far fewer words to get a lady excited, as long as those words include "fur coat," "vodka," and "diamond-studded rims on my Bentley". If you do speak Russian, however, and want to CAREFULLY check out these claims, jump to Reuters for a link to the nasty.

CyberLover goes on sale February 15, perhaps as a suicide remedy on the morning after Valentine's Day. [Reuters]

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@Kaiser-Machead: I think I have seen you in chat, cause thats what they say.

Other things they have to program it to say to fool the lady chatters (keeping in mind this is not a NSFW post).

"Hey baby I have 9" of hot beef for you." (they ALL say that)

"Can I see your feet?"

"Its just my face on cam, really, I swear."

"Any ideas what I should do with this fruit?"

"I have to be quiet so my mom, er um, the maid, doesnt hear me."

"Want to see me fark this Vacuum cleaner?

And they MUST program it to respond to the word "NO" with "You must be a lesbian."