Russia's confused homophobes

The origins of this anti-gay propaganda film are unclear. The video is so gross — a mashup of Hitlerite hate-mongering and American attack ads — that it could be a spoof. But assuming its authenticity, here's what's so shocking: the utter lack of self-awareness.


Take just three refrains from the subtitles: that gays die early; that homosexuality can be treated as easily as alcoholism; and that reproduction is the purpose of a sexual relationship. From any source, those contentions would be subject to scrutiny or ridicule. But from a Russian outfit, they are particularly absurd.

Male life expectancy in Russia is around 60 years, a decade or two shorter than lives in those those Western countries at the forefront of sexual liberation.

One of the main reasons: addiction to alcohol and cigarettes that puts even the most self-destructive of gays to shame. Male Russians' propensity to abuse alcohol has withstood so many campaigns over the centuries that it might as well be innate.

And if the only purpose of a relationship is to reproduce, then Russia should devote more attention to its own dysfunctional heterosexual couples. Successive pogroms — one of Russia's contributions to the English language — have pushed out the country's most talented people. Unless you're a jobless Tajik, a London real-estate developer or an art dealer specializing in sales to the girlfriends of oligarchs, there are few draws.

Of the ten most populous countries, Russia is the only one projected to decline by 2050. It is a country in a death spiral. And this round of homophobia is another turn around the drain. Please let it be some queer Jewish scientist who makes Russia's hydrocarbons irrelevant, and forces the country to confront its own bankruptcy.



The video is horrific and the law even more so, but the stuff you say about Russians is shaky.…

Their population is slowly increasing, their economy is growing, and alcoholism, while still devastating, is abating. It's the autocracy of Putin and the church that led to this law, not a diseased people.