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Sad Website Will Create Sad Virtual Girlfriend for Your Sad Life

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Don't have a girlfriend, and don't want to put forth any iota of effort to get one? You're in luck! Creepy web service Cloud Girlfriend will create a virtual GF who will interact with you over social networks. Ah, love.

The site, currently in a closed beta, describes the process thusly:

Step 1: Define your perfect girlfriend. Step 2: We bring her into existence. Step 3: Connect and interact with her publicly on your favorite social network Step 4: Enjoy a public long distance relationship with your perfect girl.


So, basically, you'll have a someone to write all over your wall and message you from a remote location, without any physical contact at all—all the worst parts of a relationship rolled up into one convenient internet service! I'll take three.

And what do you do when someone asks when they're going to get to meet your new significant other? Uhh.


Uhhh. [Cloud Girlfriend via Mashable]