Sailor Moon Eternal's New Trailer Is a Stunning Take on the Dream Arc

The Sailor Scouts in a more peaceful moment.
The Sailor Scouts in a more peaceful moment.
Image: Netflix

The long-awaited Sailor Moon Eternal films are finally making their streaming debut outside of Japan, and the newest trailer for the double feature promises a gorgeous new take on one of the Sailor Scouts’ most compelling arcs.


Continuing the story left off in Sailor Moon Crystal, the Eternal films retell the events from the Sailor Moon manga’s Dream arc, in which a sudden eclipse brings the Scouts in contact with a mysterious winged horse in need of Chibi-Usa’s (Sandy Fox) specific assistance. As Chibi-Usa’s connection to the pegasus complicates her and her friend’s lives, new enemies arrive in the form of the Dead Moon Circus, a group of Scout-like villains hellbent on spreading nightmares throughout the world in their pursuit of the Legendary Silver Crystal.

The trailer definitely makes it seem as if Eternal’s meant to be a more action-packed Sailor Moon story that shows you how far along on their journeys they’ve all come. Flashy visuals aside, it’s going to be interesting to see how, if at all, Sailor Moon Eternal’s take on the Dream arc differs from the source material when the movies hit Netflix on June 3.

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In the original anime, the SuperS season was the worst and the weirdest. Mostly because I didn’t like ChibiUsa/Rini as a character. Also Helios creeped me out than any of the villains.

But the manga was different, and not as horrible, and since Crystal is sticking to the manga, mostly, I am hoping they make this arc enjoyable.