Salt Water-Powered Lamp Could Run on Your Tears

Illustration for article titled Salt Water-Powered Lamp Could Run on Your Tears

The next time you go camping, instead of bringing batteries to keep your lantern running, you might only need to bring a salt shaker or a really sad book. Because Green House Co. Ltd., a Japanese company, has developed an LED light that runs on just salt water.


Using a dedicated water bag, campers would only have to mix up a saline solution of salt and H2O to keep the lamp glowing for up to eight hours at a time. The salty mixture serves as an electrolyte between a set of magnesium and carbon rods that function as negative and positive electrodes inside the lantern, producing electricity. It's not all virtually free energy, though. The magnesium rod is only good for about 120 hours of electricity production, but replacements will be sold separately when the lantern goes on sale sometime this month. [Green House via Tech-On!]



Except that it doesn't "run on just salt water", it runs on saltwater+magnesium rods+carbon rods. So we're all reading it thinking "Sweet! Someone figured out how to make energy from salt water!" when really they're just letting us provide our own part of the already known reaction. I'll stick with batteries or solar panels. At least you can find replacement batteries fairly easily, and solar panels don't have to be replaced after 120 hrs of light.