Sam's Club Black Friday Wii Deal Was "Ha Ha Ha" Not "Ho Ho Ho"

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Sadly, the Sam's Club Black Friday deal featuring a Wii, three Wiimotes, three Nunchuks, and two games for $224 was just too good to be true. The good news is that the bundle will still be available at Sam's, be it for the higher price of $425. Seeing as this package includes $180 in controllers alone, shoppers will still be getting a pretty decent deal by scoring Mario Super Sluggers and King of Clubs Mini-Golf on top of the hardware. And this way no one will get killed shopping or anything. [Black Friday Ads via Kotaku]


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I guess that takes care of the ONE thing that looked worth getting up early for.

No wonder retailers are crying about poor sales, they don't seem capable of putting together anything decent for us.