After a a Chinese labor watchdog fingered Samsung with child labor allegations, the company set to auditing its entire catalog of factories. Initial results weren't too great, but now the final results are in—and while there's no evidence of child labor, there are plenty more problems to worry about.

The company has inspected 105 suppliers who produce components purely for Samsung products. Fortunately, the inspectors found no evidence of child labor—but poor working conditions were rife. Samsung lists "overtime hours in excess of local regulations, management of supplier companies holding copies of labor contracts, and the imposition of a system of fines for lateness or absences".

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Samsung has vowed to try and rectify those issues, promising to stamp out discrimination and fines, as well as increasing health and safety standards. It also recommended to the factories that "additional training for managers on sexual harassment and physical and verbal abuse" be instated. Sounds like a good idea. [Samsung via Verge]

Image by opopododo under Creative Commons license