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Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-ray Drops Below $300

Illustration for article titled Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-ray Drops Below $300

At a minimum of two retailers, Samsung's BD-P1400 Blu-ray player has dropped below the $300 pennies. But it's done so without rebates or crazy, Black Friday sales.


And while we're still partial to the PS3 as a Blu-ray player of choice (there are actually some good games on the platform now), this Samsung has the lowest retail price at the moment to get into full, 1080p Blu-ray fun. (Plus it supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD along with the most current HDMI 1.3 spec.) Plus you get the five free movies.

So without special discounts, I guess that Blu-ray did hit $300 by Christmas after just wasn't Sony leading the charge. [amazon and vanns via engadget]


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Awesome that it hit that low, but until it drops even further if people are willing to spend that much on HD right now they might as well spend $100 more, get the 6 free movies (spiderman) an a playstation 3.

In before the "But its not a $100 1080interlacednotprogressive HD-DVD player"