Samsung Claims the iPad Mini Infringes Its Patents

Image for article titled Samsung Claims the iPad Mini Infringes Its Patents

Launch a consumer electronics product these days and within a couple of weeks you can probably expect a legal challenge. Which has happened to Apple with the iPad Mini—because Samsung claims it infringes its patents.


In fact, it goes even further than that, reports Verge. That whole raft of new Apple products—the iPad Mini, iPad, new iPod touch—have all been fingered as infringing on patents that are already being discussed in Samsung and Apple's long and continuing legal battles.

The products won't be included in the second Sammy-Apple lawsuit—a follow-up to the one won by Apple earlier this year—until they're approved by a US Magistrate. One thing is for certain, though: any new Samsung products will likely be added to the case in an instant, too. [US DIstrict Court via Verge]



And here we go again! Can we just stop the patent pissing contest already? It like the two companies have to keep whipping out their e-peens just to prove whose is bigger.