Samsung Galaxy S Known as Vibrant, Captivate and Fascinate With US Carriers

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Confusingly, Samsung's Galaxy S will be sold under different names in the US. Verizon will have it as the Fascinate, T-Mobile as Vibrant, AT&T as the Captivate and US Cellular as the Galaxy S—and Sprint as Epic 4G.


It's essentially the same phone as the Galaxy S which is already on sale in the UK, only badged differently, with slightly different looks, and a couple of extra features—on T-Mobile, the Vibrant will come with Avatar on the 2GB microSD card, and an "exclusive collector's edition of a popular game," along with MobiTV, Slacker Radio, Amazon Kindle for Android, and a month of free in-flight Wi-Fi all pre-loaded. It won't have a forward-facing camera, though.


Getting back to the phone, it's a keyboard-less phone with 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor, and can shoot 720p video on the 5MP camera. The Epic 4G on Sprint is a more "Pro" version of the phone (which we've been seeing leaks of for weeks now), coming with a keyboard and that super-fast 4G connection.

US Cellular is playing a little hard-to-get with the specs of their version of the phone, with even the name of Galaxy S still not entirely confirmed.

Verizon's Fascinate and AT&T's Captivate will go on sale with Android 2.1, whereas T-Mobile, and US Cellular haven't confirmed what they'll ship the phone with. On T-Mobile, the Vibrant will cost $200 when signing up for a two-year contract, from July 21st when it goes on sale. [CNET]


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Joe Stoner

Why do they want to split one product into four? It's tough to build momentum when you're splitting the sales among four different items.

I hate to compare it to the iPhone, but if they had sold the iPhone 4 under four different names, there wouldn't be a press release for selling 1.7M in three days - instead, they'd only have roughly 425K of each one (assuming an even split), none of which would make an impressive headline.

Focus, Samsung!