Samsung Intros SCH-W559 ShakyPhone

The Samsung SCH-W559 cellphone has no numeric keypad, and why should it? After Apple's iPhone rollout, keypads to seem so last month. But entering phone numbers on a touchscreen might present a problem—there's no tactile feedback.

The solution? Samsung builds in VibeTonz to play along with virtual button pushes, giving you adjustable vibrating tactile feedback, whether you're entering data with your finger or that yucky stylus. Sort this out with me.


Samsung is already acquainted with Immersion's VibeTonz—whose shaky vibrations (introduced a year ago) already accompany ringtones and a games in its more-conventional SCH-a870 clamshell rolled out last summer. But the idea to incorporate touch feedback for entries on a touchscreen is a new way to use the shaky stuff.

Seems shaky to me. All that shaking would just drain the battery. Is it worth the sacrifice in battery life?

Samsung goes touchy feely [Mobile Entertainment]


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