Samsung Launches SCH-B200/SPH-B2000 DMB Phone

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Could this be the decade that the U.S. will get satellite media broadcasts to our phones? DMB, which is a method to send audio and video through satellites straight into small devices like phones and PMPs, may be touching us sooner than we think and Samsung is ready. The SCH-B200/SPH-B2000 is a swivel screen phone that turns into a widescreen media device with three hours of DMB playback.

In addition to DMB there is video-on-demand, MP3 playback, and a 2-megapixel camera with flash. Let me repeat this for emphasis: you get a phone that picks up satellite radio and video, a media player/recorder, and a camera. Luscious.


Samsung Launches New Satellite DMB Phone [101Reviews]

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