Samsung-Made Galaxy Nexus 2 Currently in Testing?

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Photos that appeared online over the weekend appear to have been taken with an as yet unannounced Samsung phone, which seemingly fits in with Samsung's Nexus device naming system.


The data attached to the shots say they were taken with a device Samsung's labelled the GT-i9260, which you might reasonably expect to be an update of the phone known as the GT-i9250 - which was last year's Galaxy Nexus. Given that we've previously heard about this i9260 model are and expecting Samsung to contribute a new Nexus this year, it all makes perfect sense.

The images, which are still sitting up there on Picasa, don't give us any more information, although it's nice to imagine we're seeing a bit of the wall and floor of some top secret Samsung testing laboratory out in Korea. [GSM Arena via Techradar]

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Our newest offspring Gizmodo UK is gobbling up the news in a different timezone, so check them out if you need another Giz fix.


Halba Sus

The Galaxy Nexus (especially with JellyBean) is an almost perfect android handset. It's superior in most aspects to it's main rivals, even newer models like the S3 or HTC One X, it's "buttery smooth", it has a clean interface untouched by touchwiz or sense, and really I couldn't complain about anything. There is only one aspect of the phone that sucks: the camera. It doesn't suck just compared to the competition (iphone4s, S3, One X) it sucks compared to old sony ericsson's and nokia's made in the 90's... Yeah the shutter is fast... but the photo quality is beyond awful.

Therefore the only improvement I want from the next Nexus would be photo quality. Screw it, sell me the last model Nexus with the camera from an S3 for the price of a totally new phone and I'll walk away a happy customer. But from the looks of this photo they haven't improved the camera... This is kinda good news for me, because I still have 1.5 years of contract on my current Nexus.