Samsung Makes the New iPad's Screen Because No One Else Could (Updated)

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Apple has exacting demands when it comes to quality control, and few things need to hit harder on quality than the retina screen on the new iPad. According to Bloomberg, the only company that was able to make the screens up to Apple standards was Samsung. You know, the company Apple's been trying to sue into the ground for months and months. Awkward.

Bloomberg says that LG and Sharp both failed to meet Apple's quality control standards, leaving Samsung as the lone manufacturer for the screen, at least at first. Both companies are set to start producing iPad screens for this generation as early as April, provided they can catch up to Samsung on quality.

Samsung also makes Apple's new A5X chip, which means it's manufacturing two of the biggest upgrades to the iPad this year. Which is very telling, considering how acrimonious things have been between it and Apple lately. They fight over everything. Samsung's been making iPhone components since forever, but this is a continuation in spite of all the fighting. Either way, nice to see that both are willing to bury the hatchet to make beautiful iPads together. (And I guess this is where Apple would say it just wishes Samsung would stop making crappy iPad knockoffs all on its own, and Samsung would tell Apple to suck it.) [Bloomberg via TNW]


Update: Reuters is reporting that LG actually IS supplying retina panels in this first batch of iPads.