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Samsung Memory Breakthrough Will Give Us 32GB RAM Sticks

Illustration for article titled Samsung Memory Breakthrough Will Give Us 32GB RAM Sticks

There's almost no way to describe this tech without boring you all to death, so before I do here's the important part: basically, 32GB DDR3 consumer RAM sticks are now possible.


The breakthrough behind the story is the development of a 50-nanometer, 4Gb (gigabit) (512MB) chips, which allow for a significant reduction in complexity, and therefore power consumption for currently popular sizes of RAM modules.

The 32GB possibility will no doubt be an expensive one, as it will require the sandwiching of two 16GB modules into a single dual-die unit, a method which can double the capacity of a single stick with negligible increases in size.


It was only in September that Samsung announced 2Gb RAM modules, which would have allowed for easy manufacture of 16GB sticks—but they've been slow to come to market. The most likely result of this breakthrough will be a proliferation of 16GB sticks, which benefit from the decreased chip size without calling for expensive dual-die manufacturing. [Hallyu and InformationWeekThanks, Henry!]

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Ramdisk, yum!