Samsung Micro-Shutter Means Better Phone Cameras, Someday

Minuscule sensors and crappy fixed lenses are only partly responsible for cellphone cameras taking such terrible photos; that they tend not to have proper shutters is a huge factor. Samsung wants to fix this.

Most phone cameras don't have shutters for the simple reason that there isn't any room. Instead of relying on a traditional shutter exposure system, the tiny sensors simply activate for short periods of time, "scanning" a scene and returning a passable, if often blurry, image. That's fine for certain uses, but makes capturing moving objects or shooting in low light nigh-on impossible.


In an effort to sidestep these concerns altogether, Samsung is developing a micro-shutter, built with 36 pieces of curled film that can be opened or close by applying or withdrawing an electrical charge. The concept is just 2.2mm wide and easily compact enough for use in cellphones.

Samsung doesn't mention when (or even if) it will commercialize this tech, but for the sake of our poor eyeballs, please, guys, make it soon. [Tech-on]

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