Illustration for article titled Samsung MV900F: Will This Tiny Cameras Photos Be as Beautiful as its Design?

If there's one thing that's definitely going in the right direction with point-and-shoot cameras these days, it's design. The new Samsung MV900F is a perfect example. Beautiful. Plus it's got a a 3.3-inch capacitive touchscreen that flips out 180 degrees, and, because it's Samsung, Wi-Fi connectivity. But can the photos anf functionality ever live up to the camera's design.


The MV900F is an uber-little camera: It's just 17mm thick and weighs only 4.6 ounces. But it's actually loaded with the best itty-bitty cameras have to offer these days. The touchscreen eliminates the need for tiny, difficult buttons. The 16.3-megapixel CMOS sensor is standard issue for a point-and-shoot and as you'd expect the camera shoots 1080p video. We're often dubious of the flip-out screens that seem like they're only good for vanity shots, but in this case we love it. As you'll see in the gallery below, the screen serves as an impromptu camera stand.

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