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Samsung Put a Big AKG Speaker Into a Refrigerator and It's Oddly Awesome

All photos: Adam Clark Estes
All photos: Adam Clark Estes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your refrigerator were also a goshdang boombox? I haven’t. That’s why it was so exciting when I saw a new Samsung refrigerator at CES that contained a stocky AKG speaker in the front door. It bumps tunes, and it keeps your eggs cold.


The new icebox is the latest in Sammy’s Family Hub line of touchscreen refrigerators. It features that familiar, giant tablet on the right door as well as many of the clever connected benefits of the other Family Hub devices, including the ability to install apps, play music, watch TV, and see the contents of your fridge from a smartphone app. But there’s more! This time there’s big speaker embedded in the door.

Illustration for article titled Samsung Put a Big AKG Speaker Into a Refrigerator and Its Oddly Awesome

That speaker features AKG technology and represents one of the first Samsung-built products to do so since the Korean company acquired AKG’s parent company, Harman, last year. The speaker itself doesn’t offer that much unique functionality compared to the other Family Hub fridges. But while those other appliances have tiny speakers meant mainly to provide alerts, this AKG speaker, buddy, it thumps like a reasonably-priced Bluetooth speaker. It’s never going to be the centerpiece of a party, but you can definitely jam out while inspecting the expiration date on your deli meats.

Hot beats don’t come cheap. The new AKG-powered Samsung sound fridge is going to cost about $4,000. But who cares when you’re having fun with a Frankenstein gadget that will impress all your friends?

We’re in Las Vegas at CES 2018! Click here to read our complete coverage.

Senior editor at Gizmodo.

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Let me be the luddite and ask why anyone would ever need a touchscreen in a fridge, let alone a soundbar? It’s an appliance that keeps things cold. I pay so little attention to my fridge (unless it stops working) that I couldn’t even tell you what colour it is.