Samsung Sells $2 Galaxy S IIs Down the Street from iPhone 4S Launch

Illustration for article titled Samsung Sells $2 Galaxy S IIs Down the Street from iPhone 4S Launch

Oh, Samsung. You're too cute! The company has rented out a storefront two doors down from a Sydney, Australia Apple Store, hawking cut-rate Galaxy S II handsets, and a beautiful dream that they'll wake up from on Friday.


It's an adorable bit of marketing, one that the Sydney Morning Herald noted gave the Samsung pop-up a longer line—imagine that, four days before iPhone 4S ships!—than the Apple store down the street. One reason for the line: those $2 Galaxy S IIs were limited to the first 10 people queued up each day. And the main reason for the store in the first place: a legal spat between Apple and Samsung that's decided, to my infinite entertainment, to break out into the physical realm.

Can't they settle this with some good ol' fashioned American Gladiator-style jousting, like civilized folk? [Sydney Morning Herald]


It's unfortunate to say, but Samsung will not win this one, let alone take away sales from apple. Reason being: There's really no logical thought behind the decision to buy the latest iPhone. "Apple's got something new? Hmmm, I just got my paycheck yesterday, that money's not going to spend itself."