Samsung is working with software developers to increase the performance of Solid State Drives for computers using the Sun's ZFS file system, which the next version of OSX Server, aka Snow Leopard, can take advantage of. The way traditional HDDs handle data transfers is different than how SSDs do, and it's Samsung's goal to make sure future operating systems are optimized for SSDs as well as HDDs. The performance upgrades could mean overall operational increases for OSX-equipped Macs that use SSDs. Currently the MacBook Air is the only Mac that ships with the option, but if Apple decides to make SSDs available on all MacBooks then this development would make the SSD option more desirable than it is now. Samsung is also starting talks with Microsoft to work the same enhancements into the next version of Windows. When all major operating systems have optimized support for them, SSD could finally replace HDDs as promised. [InfoWorld via MacRumors]


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