Samsung's 30-inch AMOLED TV: 3D Without the Dizziness (Still Needs Silly Glasses)

Another of the treats on show at FPD 2009 is Samsung's AMOLED 3D TV prototype. The 240Hz panel is just 2.5-mm thick, has a million-to-1 contrast, and Samsung claims its latest shutter-glasses technology reduces the dizziness often associated with 3D.

No word on when it'll become a real product, but it's bound to be pricey. A reminder, too, that of all the 3D TV systems we've tried so far, Panasonic's active shutter-glasses and 103-inch 3D Plasma concept produced less flickering than Sony's active shutters, and was more watchable than JVC's 3D system that uses passive polarizing glasses. Oh, and here's what Panasonic's final glasses design looks like. Yep, until we see 3D TVs that don't need glasses, we're all gonna look like dorks. At least it'll be in the comfort of our own lounge rooms. [Samsung Korea]


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