Samsung's Armani 2 Night Effect Cellphone Forgets to Include Stylishness

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Samsung's original Armani phone was a tiny, touchscreen, haptic-feedback gizmo, and actually not bad looking at all: so I'm confused about the upcoming Armani 2 Night Effect. It's a plain candybar cellphone, emblazoned with large Emporio Armani emblems and it seems to have totally forgone attempts at simple stylishness. Get this—around the edge of the phone there's a red, green or blue-LED glowing strip, presumably the "night effect" part. Maybe it's my impression of what style is, but that's just tacky. The specs of the phone aren't too amazing either.• Quadband GSM, HSDPA connectivity • 2.2-inch reinforced glass AMOLED display • 3.2 megapixel camera, without flash • Built-in FM Radio • Dedicated music player control buttons • 120 MB of User Memory • microSD memory card slot • USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0 Yup...120 megabytes of on-board memory, and we don't know what sort of UI it's got: is the haptic feedback still there? It does look like it's got a front-facing camera for 3G video calling at least, and I suppose the black metallic finish is quite interesting. The OLED screen should be good-looking too, but all in all the phone itself is a bit plain. It's due in Europe for around $430 (€300) in November with Asian and Middle East releases shortly after, but there's no word on pricing or timing for a North American version. [OLED-info, Unwiredview and]


The Emporio Armani -brand has a whole different style than the Armani -brand. Emporio Armani is more T-shirt prints, large logos and jeans, Armani is more downtuned luxury. So this fits right in.

Too many brands are extending to phones.