Samsung's Barnes & Noble eReader Launch Ruined By the Existence of the Nook

I respect what Barnes & Noble is doing with this multi-reader ebook strategy, and I'm glad Samsung's finally been brought in from the cold, into the warm presence of a real ebook collection, but $300 for this thing? Really? UPDATED


A six-inch-screened device with a sliding keypad, the Samsung E6's biggest draw is probably its stylus, which allows for full, paper-style annotation and notetaking. But the dual-display Nook, which itself is considered one of the pricier e-readers, costs less, and has 3G—a price and feature gap that'll stare every potential E4 buyer right in the face. UPDATED: The price is actually $300; dropped from the original official price of $400. And:

Barnes & Noble will provide the eCommerce storefront for Samsung's device. Samsung's customers will have access to Barnes & Noble's eBookstore. There was no announcement that noted Barnes & Noble retail distribution.

The Samsung E6 will arrive, awkwardly, in Spring. [MarketWatch]



Hate the idea of having to hold a little fake pen to use an eReader. Just like extra glasses to watch 3-D TV. All steps backwards for me.