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Samsung's Mysterious Gear S2 Smartwatch Looks Downright Wearable

Samsung showed us two jumbo phones today that were, you know, more or less what we were expecting—and frankly not all that interesting. At the end of the show, though, Samsung teased the Gear S2 smartwatch, set to be announced on September 3rd at IFA in Berlin. Now that’s what I’m talking about!


We know virtually nothing about the watch, but the tease is certainly enticing. (1:14:00 in the livestream video.) The graphics and design look contemporary and attractive—like something you’d actually want to wear. The watch has a distinctive round design, but it is obviously taking some UI cues from Apple, too. In particular, the circular icons on the app launcher interface look like they were lifted straight from the Apple Watch.

So far, there’s not much else to say, except that the new watch is conceivably interesting. But first, Samsung has to prove that smartwatches can be truly useful—since most of them are complete garbage.


Update 8/19: Samsung has released the Gear S2 teaser video on YouTube. Here it is!

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I bet it has an “S-krown” and “S-Glances” and “S-Complications”.