Samsung's New Galaxy Grand Doesn't Quite Live Up to Its Name

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Samsung's latest addition to its Galaxy line-up—the Grand—has just been announced. Sadly, it's not clear that it entirely lives up to its name.


That does, of course, depend on how you interpret its monicker. If the word Grand makes you think of all things large, then you won't be disappointed: this phone has a 5-inch screen and weighs an ounce more than the Galaxy S.

Sadly the specs don't quite live up to its premium-sounding name. That screen, despite being five inches on the diagonal, only sports a pixel count of 800 x 480. Elsewhere, there's a so-so 1.2GHz dual-core processor to keep things chugging along, an 8-megapixel camera on the back, 8GB of internal storage, a dual-SIM option, HSPA+, Bluetooth, DLNA and Wi-Fi. In terms of features, it'll come running Android 4.1.2 and be equipped with Sammy's software which enables two apps to run on the screen at the same time.


It's not that any of this is bad as such—the problem is the handset just doesn't quite warrant being referred to as Grand. No doubt the phone will get a more thorough inspection at CES, but in the meantime it's probably not worth getting terribly excited about. [Samsung]

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They are trying to increase their profit margins. Galaxy products overall built quality is also pretty cheap but with decent specs to back it up. My guess is that Samsung wants to go as cheap as possible with un-educated customers. I still have no idea how Apple manages to make such slik devices and milk 60% + of all the available profit.